Mimisol was founded in 2011 by Imelde Bronzieri and offers valuable embroidery, Tüllwolken, print flowers and glittering details. Each collection is done in close collaboration with the renowned Italian craftsmen and guarantees exclusivity and the finest quality. The current Mimisol children’s fashion collection The latest Mimisol children’s clothes collections not only feature innovative and remarkable fashion for children but also showcase unique artwork that has never been done before in this manner for children’s fashion by any other fashion company. The Mimisol children’s fashion distinguishes first and foremost in their cutting edge designs that are supported and completed with the very specifically chosen materials. Balloon skirts or jutting circle skirts belong to Mimisol children’s clothes repertoire just the same as princess dresses. The designs can convince with their simple modernity or overwhelm with an amount of ruffles, lace and tulle that make a girl’s dream come true. Dapper caps and uniquely fashioned shirts for boys also belong to the range of Mimisol styles and express the artistic component, rather than losing it, through certain prints and details like musical scores on the front, which become the focus of attention.

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