Eleha Badmaeva

The history of the brand ELENA BADMAEVA started in 1996 in Saint Petersburg. That’s when Elena graduated from the Academy of Arts and Design and was invited to work at “еde and Ravenscroft” under the patronage of Prince Michael of Kent as the chief designer of Russia. There she worked for 5 years. At the same time, Elena had created a small handicraft workshop that produced custom-made textile products according to individual orders, and later on she started to hone the skill of making clothes according to individual patterns – design clothing for a narrow circle of people.A few years later, due to an individual approach to each client, the highest quality fabrics and attention to detail, the Studio grew into the largest salon Studio, with already existing regular clients. In 2000 it was decided to expand the design department and launch the first collection of ready-to-wear. Since the foundation and until today the products of the brand are of high quality and progressive design. The main aim of the brand is to make women feel beautiful and happy. In its production, the company uses only high-quality materials and a unique technology, providing truly great results.

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