A successful story “Made in Italy” begun in 1986, when the Mangano siblings embarked on a journey in search of a seductive and authentic style, all starting in their home garage. In a few years, the company expanded and reached an amount of over 100 employees, numerous fashion boutiques in every part of Italy and a commercial agency department in Shanghai. Style is at the heart of our creative work. New trends are anticipated and personalised using imagination. Inspirations are drawn from all over the world and combined with sought-after atmospheres and an exotic touch.It is in this way that unique fashion items – able to captivate every person wearing Mangano – come to life. Your personal boutique… in “total white” style, Murano crystal made chandeliers, authentic Chesterfield sofas and other personalised unique furnishings, like the pickled oak floors worked by the finest artisans. Light plays a major role, enchanting through positive energy every Mangano boutique. Grand opening fashion, pure style, glamour, music – a sparkling but elegant atmosphere – dominate the events. The ideal occasion to gather the entire Mangano team and celebrate the company’s success with our customers. The grand openings of our retail outlets, as well as other events we organise in bars and clubs, have the flavour of parties among friends. However, this does not make them ordinary, in fact they are larded with style from the fashion world. The eccentric Hummer stretch limousine – very appealing to the public – the deejay-set of the best guest stars and the catwalk with male and female models are only a taste of the Mangano experience. The continuous research of new locations gave us the chance to meet wonderful people in every part of the world. This has had a very positive effect as we have been able to generate interest towards our business and give the opportunity to suitable people to open their own Mangano boutiques. It is from this experience that the project of affiliation – which will begin in spring 2010 – stems. In the meantime we will continue to expand our brand by taking every chance. The forthcoming project of online sale is one of the steps we are taking and it will include E-Commerce to spread Mangano’s style in the whole world.

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