Maurizio Mykonos is a womenswear line founded by its creative director Aikaterini Kalafati with her life partner Giovanni Urciuolo. Aikaterini Kalafati is Egyptian born from Greek origins and uses this multicultural background with her Italian partner to develop Collections that address the younger audience with materials that value history and tradition in an artisanal way. It begun in mid 90’s with a small leather Collection that sparked enthusiasm for its edgy and racy style with raw cuts and embroideries. More than a decade later the line is enriched with the finest brocade, silk and leather fabrics, all adorned with Swarovski elements and exotic skins. The sea and the nature that surrounds it but also how woman interacts to coexist with it are the main inspiration themes. Everything is mixed with a touch of love. Simple straight silk lines are enriched with hand painted techniques, Italian leather tops are decorated with hand cut fringes to give the authentic handmade look. French brocade is graced with silk to make a softer aspect, open back dresses decorated with Swarovski elements are all created and meant to define the woman's eternal youthful beauty. Maurizio Mykonos is available in its two boutiques in Athens and its flagship shop in Mykonos and also to selected multi brand shops across the world over 20 countries.

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