The company was founded by the brilliant creative talents of today’s owner, Paola Cherubini who, since the early seventies, has used her instinctive taste and dynamic productivity to make Picci, a company which today boasts around 50 employees in a worksite area of 4500 m2, a world leader in the Infant Care sector. The company is positioned in the middle-high band of the market, distributing its own products to Europe, USA and Middle East. The range which go under the brand names of Picci and Dili Best are distinguishable firstly through the number of complete products available in countless models and colour variations to meet the needs of every customer; and secondly through its focus on market research, getting closer to consumers with a more "up to date" or refined sense of fashion. Our products include a vast range of lines; from duvets to embroidered blankets, from bed sheets to all manner of bed and bathroom linen; from metal or wooden beds to baby changing dressers, not forgetting the numerous accessories for the Nursery and Babys' playtime. In the past year, the family of Picci products has grown with the introduction of a new brand called Kenny and Zanza, which specialises in soft toys and games for toddlers. Picci also distributed exclusively in Italy the American company "Skip Hop", itself a leader in the design of fashion accessories for Mother and Baby leisure time.

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