Splendid, sensuel, pro vocative and always deliciously lexuous… Stunning corsets, some close from the corporeal tradition and some stimulated by an obsession and teasing spirit… They’re luscious! In a classical or lampoon trend depends if you want to be a factual woman, Ellina’s Invention is incomparable pieces, so sumptuous and severely glamour. Besides, Ellina illustrates the stimulation of south-American fashion, Amor Latino intends sexy and urbane lingerie anthology, with an amiable stroke of glare! You will be an inimitable woman in all occasions, whether you are in a soiree, on a cold winter day, splendid bride and especially on a hot summer night. You will be able to project your way of thinking by choosing a diversity lingerie modes from leather for seduction, silk for elegance, and satin for sensual and romantic…Ellina is born to fit your sexy curves and enhance your already existing allure, giving precedence to soothe and the sheltered sensation you deserve! After all is said, Ellina Lingerie is not only for HER. You will be able to stroke, and utter your wild feelings for him; consequently he will unleash his never ending love words to you… It is Time to play your cards. Think attractive. Think seductive. Think Ellina.

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