Blue Salon opens cutting edge Breitling service centre in Doha

A joint venture in Doha between Blue Salon and Breitling has signalled the beginning of a new era in servicing standards for the luxury timepiece manufacturer. The Doha facility, opened in March by Blue Salon, houses the most advanced equipment available globally for maintaining and assembling Breitling watches, ensuring that the services being offered are taken to a new level. The work will be carried out by qualified watchmakers, who have been trained under the direct supervision of Breitling in Switzerland to ensure total accuracy and precision in the services provided. The Chairman of Blue Salon, Mr Ashraf Abu Issa, and the vice chairman of Blue Salon, Mr Nabil Abu Issa, were joined by Mr Théodore Schneider, owner of the prestigious Breitling brand, to celebrate the launch of the Doha facility.