Our Services

We offer a range of services to our clients. Our clients benefit by getting personalized and quality assistance that meet their needs.

Tailoring Serivce

We offer tailoring and alteration services to our customers. Our services are based on the recognition that the correct fit of a luxury garment is of critical importance. Our highly-skilled tailors conduct alterations and modifications based on your needs.


Watch Repair and Maintenance Services

Repairs and maintenance of high-end watches is our specialty. We are equipped with the latest technical and technological advancements to provide impeccable care to your valuable watches.


Luggage Serivce

Repair and service of your highly valued and much admired travel pieces is our speciality. You can get your beautiful check-in luggage refurbished with a professional cleaning service or have any damage repaired professionally. Does your favorite bag or luggage set need a facelift? Visit us!


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