Tiziana Terenzi Perfume Event

Location: Blue Salon - Qatar

Tiziana Terenzi unveiled four inspiring fragrances recently at Blue Salon. The stellar creations are inspired by the moon and astrology. The literary tradition states that all lost items, or items that have gone astray end up the moon. The moon is the place where dreams and tears, love and reason, days of idleness and unfinished deeds are kept in precious glass ampoules. These bottles are quite similar to those used to contain Tiziana Terenzi precious essences today. After years of toil spent seeking and preserving rare components, Tiziana Terenzi presented four fragrances, Andromeda, Ursa Major, Draco & Cassiopea, that embody the brands most complex project yet; Tiziana Terenzi’s Luna.

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