Secret Notes Boutique launches the new Tamarindo fragrance from Memo Paris

Location: Secret notes - The Pearl

Secrets notes boutique, the ultimate destination in the world of luxury perfumery, with a selective number of the world’s finest fragrances, has unveiled the new perfume from Memo Paris “Tamarindo” to celebrate a warm and inspiring perfume with the irresistible smell of pineapple and delicate spices with the warmth and softness of the flannel that captures and awaken sensations. The event was attended by Mr. Nabil Abu Issa, Vice Chairman of Abu Issa Holding, Mr. Fawaz Al Idrisi, Executive Vice President of Abu Issa Holding, Mr. John Molley Co- founder of Memo Paris, and a crowd of journalists, Along with a group of professionals in the field of perfumes and fashion.
The new fragrance “Tamarindo” from Memo Paris is inspired by the couple Clara and John from aromatic notes which depict the modern character, notes of choice, dreams, feelings, and the charm of the Caribbean Sea and the wonderful and alluring nature of the island of Tamarindo in Costa Rica. Tamarindo has been flawlessly extracted in its purest, most concentrated form. It consists of jasmine oil, the soft leaves of the Guanacaste, emerald and, blooming like a flower under the warm sun, smoked from a thin spray of aromatic lemons with vanilla filled by the smells of Jawi, with the waves of Patchouli to suit both men and Women.
Memo Paris has launched and introduced a wide collection of 11 fragrances inspired from various destinations visited and loved by the couple John and Clara such as Morocco, Ibiza, Ireland, Russia, Spain and finally Tamarindo Island in Costa Rica, the brand Memo Paris succeeded in changing the concept of perfumery over the past years, by providing pure scents, and unconventional ingredients, which may not seem to be familiar but amazing, as each perfume brings back a different memory. Memo Paris offers perfect sophistication to those who want to keep their memories wherever they go

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