AlBahie Bazaar Auction

AlBahie, Katara


AbuIssa Holding’s Auction House, AlBahie, held its first auction of the season on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019. The second edition of the “AlBahie Bazaar”  featured European-style furniture including marble-topped commodes, gilded French mirrors and Louis XIV style chairs, along with Indian miniature watercolors and Damascus steel swords.

Inspired by the great souks of the world, The AlBahie Bazaar offered a similar, unforgettable experience in a wonderfully curated collection – the visual delight, the opulence for the eye, a treasure for which you’ve searched for and discovered.

As part of Katara Cultural Village Foundation, AlBahie continues to engage Qatar’s community of local and international collectors by organizing auctions, selling exhibitions and special events. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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