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Partnering with the Future

A decade after Qatar’s Independence in 1971, AbuIssa Holding launched its first concept, Blue salon. From a small town of pearl divers and trading settlers, the AbuIssa family evolved a dream and a vision to be among the first pioneers of economic development. One man’s dedication, the late Mr. AbdulRahim Abuissa, coupled with the entrepreneurial streak of his eldest son Ashraf Abuissa, gave rise to a Qatari Phenomenon that continues to hold its reputation as the regional innovator.

Managed by AbuIssa Holding, Blue Salon has been Qatar’s leading luxury department store for over 3 decades, operating as an exclusive luxury retail store by offering the latest in fashion, watches, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, home décor & travel gear. The industry leader represents hundreds of retail brands in Qatar, including high-end fashion, watches, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, home decoration, luggage, and more.

Today, over 100 retail stores operate under the umbrella of Blue Salon offering customers a rewarding shopping experience supported by our exceptional customer service and redemption program. Our team is dedicated to offering customers an incomparable shopping experience tailored to combine fashion, luxury and excitement.


Ashraf Abu Issa Chairman & CEO

Ashraf is the Chairman and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, overseeing over 100 sister companies operating around the world under the group umbrella. AIH is known across the GCC region for its corporate management climate and portfolio of businesses across industries, recognized as an experienced and well-positioned partner. Ashraf received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011, spearheading retail concepts and brands. Over 10 business concepts have been developed in-house including Mosafer, Al Bahie Auction House and e-Pro. Ashraf leads business growth and supports the overall economic development in Qatar, through continued investment in public sector related business and affiliations including INJAZ “Achievement” Qatar, and the Young President’s Organization (YPO) Qatar, with a focus on philanthropic endeavors. Ashraf completed the Harvard Management Program (OPM) and is a graduate of the American University of London – Atlanta, USA.

Nabil Abu Issa Vice Chairman

Nabil Abu Issa serves as the Vice Chairman of Abu Issa Holding, and is the brother of Ashraf Abu Issa. An authority on innovation, growth and customer service, Nabil’s expertise has been a key factor in the growth of AIH. Currently, he is a member of several affiliations that represent his activity in the region, including the Qatar Businessman Association, and the Young President’s Organization (YPO Qatar). Nabil’s philanthropic activities include his honorary ambassadorship at the Qatar Cancer Society. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas in Business Administration. Nabil is the President of the Basketball Operation at Al Sadd Sports Club in Qatar.

Fawaz Idrissi Senior Vice President

Fawaz serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Abu Issa Holding, joining the company over 20 years ago. Holding high-profile positions in the United Kingdom previously, during Fawaz’s tenor as Senior Vice President at Abu Issa Holding he has played a critical role in the development and growth of the many subsidiaries under the group umbrella. Fawaz steered the growth of AIH during his time at the company, with expertise in brand development, sales management and new business development.

Salim Raj Vice President Business Development

Salim Is the Vice President of Business Development at Abu Issa Holding, and has served since the very founding of its first luxury department store, Blue Salon, in 1981. Salim has contributed to the transformation of major brands and building of businesses, through strategic expertise and sales acumen, advancing the process optimization of the business development division. His expertise in retail and distribution has been pivotal in both divisions at the company.

Baber Malik Chief Human Resource officer

Baber is the Director of Human Resources at Abu Issa Holding, a position he has held since 1994, following HR best practice to create an employee-orientated, high performance culture. Baber began his career in consultancy in the USA, followed by a number of high profile positions across the USA and Pakistan. Baber has created and solidified the recruitment and selection, training and development processes at Abu Issa Holding. Baber is a Business Administration and Management Sciences graduate of NYIT and Lock Haven University, respectively.

Ahmed Aboushawish Director, Digital Media

Ahmed is the Director of Digital Media at Abu Issa Holding. In leading the Digital Media department at AIH, Ahmed sets to follow technology best practices to create a technology-orientated and highly digitalized culture in the organization. He has created and solidified the digital media, e-commerce and social media departments at Abu Issa Holding. Prior to that, Ahmed led business development initiatives at the company, contributing to the company’s growth and all the while pivoting and reinventing himself in e-commerce and digital media. He kick-started his career in the medical field in Canada, followed by a number of stints across the United States and Canada. Ahmed is a medical sciences graduate of The University of Western Ontario, who also holds an executive degree in technology innovation & entrepreneurship.

Hatim Hussein Chief Financial Officer

Hatim has over 20 years of experience in the management of Finance and Accounting across industries; Retail, FMCG, FMCD, Real Estate, Investment, Construction and Consultancy, He holds the title of Group CFO at Abu Issa Holding. A graduate of the Harvard MBA program, a Qualified Chartered Accountant and a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Hatim also represents the ICAI Doha Chapter as Chairman. His past experience contributes to key expertise in implementing controls, M&A, risk mitigation, valuation, quality assessment and due diligence.

Mohamad Rasheed Vice President, Investments & Partnerships

Mohamad Holds the bachelor degree of electrical engineering with specialty of electronics and communication followed by an EMBA from HEC Paris In addition to entrepreneurship & innovation certificate from Babson university. Member of IEEE & Jordan engineers association with 15 years Experience in establishing new companies, sales, services, business development, companies evaluation, acquisitions and utilizing the available resources and market intelligence to maximize the Group and its partners gain from all business opportunities.


At Blue Salon, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our employees, and our dedication to supporting growth through a tailored talent management program for each employee, and to help make Blue Salon a home away from home. We believe that inclusion creates better outcomes, and better outcomes are the foundation of our continued effectiveness.