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Sensai Cellular Performance Mask Limited Edition Set

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QAR 434.00
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The Sensai Cellular Performance Mask Limited Edition Set is a luxurious skincare set that features three products designed to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. The set includes trial sizes of the CELLULAR PERFORMANCE LOTION II (MOIST) and CELLULAR PERFORMANCE EMULSION II (MOIST), as well as the original size CELLULAR PERFORMANCE MASK. The CELLULAR PERFORMANCE LOTION II (MOIST) is a lightweight, hydrating lotion that helps to improve the skin's moisture levels and leave it feeling soft and smooth. The CELLULAR PERFORMANCE EMULSION II (MOIST) is a rich, nourishing emulsion that helps to enhance the skin's natural moisture barrier and leave it looking plump and radiant. The trial size of 20mL is great for giving the product a test run and seeing its effects on the skin. The original size CELLULAR PERFORMANCE MASK is a luxurious and indulgent treatment that deeply hydrates and revitalizes the skin. It provides a true sensory experience with its silky texture and delicate scent, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated. The Sensai Cellular Performance Mask Limited Edition Set is a perfect choice for those looking to try out the brand's popular CELLULAR PERFORMANCE line. Its combination of trial sizes and full-size products allows for a comprehensive and enjoyable skincare experience, leaving the skin feeling intensely hydrated and nourished.

     • Brand: Sensai
     • Luxurious skincare set
     • Features three products to improve skin health and appearance
     • Includes trial sizes of LOTION II (MOIST) and EMULSION II (MOIST)
     • Original size of CELLULAR PERFORMANCE MASK
     • LOTION II (MOIST) hydrates and softens skin
     • EMULSION II (MOIST) nourishes and plumps skin
     • Trial size of 20mL for testing effects on skin
     • CELLULAR PERFORMANCE MASK deeply hydrates and revitalizes skin
     • Provides a sensory experience with silky texture and delicate scent
     • Perfect for trying out the popular CELLULAR PERFORMANCE line
     • Comprehensive and enjoyable skincare experience
     • Leaves skin intensely hydrated and nourished

About Brand
Sensai is a luxury skincare and makeup brand that combines Japanese traditions and cutting-edge technology to create high-quality beauty products. Developed by Kanebo Cosmetics, the brand focuses on the philosophy of "Saho," which emphasizes proper skincare rituals and achieving balance and harmony in one's skin. Sensai uses rare ingredients, such as Koishimaru Silk and Sakura Eternal Complex, in their products to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The brand is known for its innovative anti-aging formulations and meticulous attention to detail in packaging and design, making it a favorite among luxury beauty enthusiasts worldwide. 

Sensai Cellular Performance Mask Limited Edition Set
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