Bain De Mer Men's Swimshort

Bain De Mer
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QAR 1,050.00
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The Bain De Mer Men's Swimshort collection offers a range of swimwear options that are both stylish and functional. Each piece is crafted with luxurious and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort. The designs are also on trend, incorporating sleek and modern elements such as bold colors and patterns. One of the standout features of this swimwear collection is its quick drying ability. With a unique repellency feature, the swimshorts are able to dry in just 5 minutes or less. This is perfect for busy beach days or water activities, as it minimizes the amount of time spent waiting for your swimwear to dry. Additionally, the swimshorts come with convenient back and side pockets, providing ample space for storing small essentials while on the go. This makes them not only suitable for the beach, but also for everyday wear. The Bain De Mer Men's Swimshort collection combines luxury, style, and function to create a must-have selection of swimwear for men. With fast-drying material and added features, these swimshorts are a smart and practical choice for any water-related activity.

     • Brand: Bain De Mer
     • Gender: Men
     • Made with luxurious and high-quality materials
     • On-trend designs with bold colors and patterns
     • Quick drying feature, able to dry in 5 minutes or less
     • Repellency helps to minimize drying time
     • Convenient back and side pockets for storing essentials
     • Suitable for both beach days and everyday wear
     • Combines luxury, style, and function for a must-have collection
     • Practical choice for any water-related activity
     • Material: 100% recycled polyester
     • Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 30°c max
     • Do not bleach
     • Do not tumble dry
     • Iron on a low heat (max 110°c)
     • Do not dry clean

About Brand
BAIN DE MER was created by Corti Marin, a young boy born and raised in Saint Tropez with his family linked to this wonderful gulf for three generations. From an early age, living in the notorious 17 Quai Frédéric Mistral street near the port of the city, he developed a passion for the sea thanks to his father who as a windsurfing champion, brought him closer to the beauty that only Saint Tropez can offer. 
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