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Mavala Ridge Filler Smoothes Nail Surface - 10ml

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QAR 54.00
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Mavala Ridge Filler is a nail care product that is designed to smooth out the surface of ridged nails. This product is perfect for those who struggle with nail ridges, as they can impede the application of nail polish and also cause it to chip and peel off more easily. RIDAGE-FILLER works by gently filling in ridges and any other irregularities on the nail surface, creating a smooth and satiny finish. This helps to improve the appearance of the nails and creates a better base for nail polish to adhere to. In addition, Mavala Ridge Filler helps to extend the wear of nail polish, as it creates a more even and smooth surface for the polish to adhere to. This means that the polish is less likely to chip or peel off, and can last longer on the nails. Using Mavala Ridge Filler is simple and easy. After prepping the nails, simply apply a thin layer of the product onto the entire nail surface, and allow it to dry completely before applying nail polish. The result is smooth, ridge-free nails that are ready for a flawless and long-lasting manicure. Mavala Ridge Filler is a great product for those looking to improve the appearance and wear of their nails. Its ability to fill ridges and create a smooth surface makes it a must-have for anyone struggling with nail imperfections.

  • Brand: Mavala
  • Smooths out the surface of ridged nails
  • Perfect for those with nail ridges
  • Helps improve appearance of nails
  • Creates a better base for nail polish
  • Extends wear of nail polish
  • Easy to use
  • Creates a smooth and satiny finish
  • Helps prevent nail polish from chipping or peeling
  • Can improve application of nail polish
  • A must-have for those with nail imperfections
How to use
Apply one coat and leave on to dry completely. If the surface stays rough, apply a second coat. Continue with your manicure by applying a nail polish or a top coat only. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Mavala Ridge Filler Smoothes Nail Surface - 10ml
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