Mavala Stop - 10ml

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Mavala Stop is a unique and effective solution for individuals who struggle with the habit of biting nails or sucking their thumb. This clear nail polish is formulated with a sour but safe flavor that discourages the repetitive behavior of bringing fingers to the mouth. When applied, the specialized formula reacts with saliva, creating a sour and unpleasant taste, reminding the user to remove their fingers from their mouth. This makes it an ideal product for breaking the habit of nail-biting or thumb-sucking. One of the key features of Mavala Stop is its toxic-free formula, making it suitable for all skin types. It can be used as a stand-alone base coat or applied over any chosen nail polish. Additionally, its non-toxic formula allows for natural breathing of the nails and the skin underneath. This means that anyone, including children with thumb-sucking habits or adults who bite their nails, can safely use this product. Mavala Stop is a convenient and safe solution for individuals looking to break the habit of nail-biting or thumb-sucking. Its unique formula helps to prevent contact between fingers and the mouth, discouraging the repetitive behavior. With its non-toxic and breathable formula, this nail polish can be used by anyone and can be incorporated into daily nail care routines.

     • Brand: Mavala
     • Size: 10ml
     • Texture: liquid
     • Skin issues: habit of biting your nails and sucking your thumb
     • Time of application: every two days
     • Age: 3+
     • Skin type: all skin types
     • Main benefits: helps break the addiction and habit of biting nails and sucking thumb

How to use
Apply a layer of Mavala Stop all over the nail and let it dry. You can apply it as a base coat or on top of your favorite nail polish. Reapply every two days and continue the treatment until nail biting is ended.


Mavala Stop - 10ml
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