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Khan Al Saboun Blonde Toffe- Eyebrow Soap 30g

Khan Al Saboun
QAR 40.00

QAR 40.00
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The Khan Al Saboun Blonde Toffe-Eyebrow Soap is specially formulated to cater to light or blonde-haired individuals. It is carefully crafted with natural ingredients which are known for their nourishing and moisturizing properties. These ingredients help to keep your eyebrows healthy and promote hair growth. This product is designed to style and fix your eyebrows, keeping them in place throughout the day. It is an easy and affordable alternative to eyebrow gels or waxes, and it provides a more natural look. Its lightweight formula also allows for easier application and prevents a heavy, greasy feeling on your eyebrows. In addition to its styling and fixing capabilities, the Khan Al Saboun Blonde Toffe-Eyebrow Soap also nourishes your eyebrows, making them stronger and healthier. It is free from harsh chemicals and preservatives, making it a gentle and safe option for sensitive skin. The Khan Al Saboun Blonde Toffe-Eyebrow Soap is a must-have beauty product for anyone looking to enhance their eyebrows naturally. Whether you want to fill in sparse areas or achieve a bold and defined look, this organic eyebrow soap is an excellent choice that delivers impressive results.

  • Brand: Khan Al Saboun
  • Specifically designed for light or blonde-haired individuals
  • Contains natural ingredients known for nourishing and moisturizing properties
  • Promotes healthy eyebrow growth
  • Styles and fixes eyebrows in place throughout the day
  • Affordable alternative to eyebrow gels or waxes
  • Provides a more natural look
  • Lightweight formula for easy application and no greasy feeling
  • Nourishes and strengthens eyebrows
  • Free from harsh chemicals and preservatives
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Enhances eyebrows naturally for a fuller and defined look
How to use:
Spray a little Rose Toner on the brush, then rub it on the surface of the soap till a product build-up is available and brush your eyebrows.
Khan Al Saboun Blonde Toffe- Eyebrow Soap 30g
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