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Juliette has a gun Ode to Dullness

QAR 580.00

QAR 580.00
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Juliette has a gun, Ode to Dullness. Create a seductive environment with Juliette Has a Gun Ode to Dullness Eau de Parfum, a light, flowery fragrance that calms and centers the user. This scent, inspired by an Asian perspective on dullness that focuses on finding comfort in the tiniest things, takes a minimalist approach to the abundance of modern life. This fragrance, with notes of badiane, freesia, cashmere flower, and sandalwood, embraces the modest beauty of dullness. It encourages the wearer to slow down while giving unexpected balance. The Juliette Has a Gun Ode to Dullness Eau de Parfum is a character-driven personal fragrance that embodies style and creativity.

  • Brand: Juliette Has A Gun
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Launched in 2023
  • Works to calm and centre the wearer
  • Includes notes of badiane, freesia, cashmere flower and sandalwood  Sensual and light
  • A tribute to the understated beauty of dullness
  • Inspired by the thought of finding comfort in the smallest things
About Brand
Juliette Has a Gun is a luxury perfume brand founded in 2006 by the renowned perfumer Romano Ricci. The brand takes its name from the Shakespearean character Juliette, representing the fiery, passionate and provocative spirit of women. Inspired by the iconic love story between Romeo and Juliet, the brand encapsulates the essence of love, freedom, and empowerment through its exclusive range of perfumes. Each perfume of Juliette Has a Gun is like a mysterious weapon that represents a different personality and emotion. With unique and daring scents, the brand aims to break away from traditional feminine fragrances and redefine what it means to be a strong and independent woman.

Juliette has a gun Ode to Dullness
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