Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Aqua Media Cologne Fort EDP 35ml

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QAR 595.00
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Evoking both water and light, green is the middle color of the rainbow prism and reflects balance in motion. It is embodied in the vibrant freshness of Aqua Media Cologne forte, featuring bergamot from Calabria, verbena, sweet fennel, hedione, and a woody musk accord.

Verbena accord
Francis Kurkdjian has designed a new accord to evoke the citrus, green facets of verbena leaves. This energizing, sparkling accord harmonizes perfectly with essence of bergamot, bringing a joyful, bursting freshness to top notes.

Essence of sweet fennel
Essence of sweet fennel is obtained through the steam distillation of Foeniculum vulgare seeds, characterized by its aromatic, green aniseed notes. Essence of sweet fennel is, for Francis Kurkdjian, the most beautiful aniseed note in a perfume creator’s arsenal. When combined with bright citrus notes, sweet fennel creates a green, aromatic, energizing, shifting freshness.

Bergamot from Calabria
Known for its fruity edge in Earl Grey tea, Citrus Bergamia is widely used in perfumery because its fresh, sparkling top notes bring a kind of ""smile"" to the perfume. Its oil is obtained by cold expression of the fruit's peel. Southern Italy specializes in the cultivation of this citrus fruit, used in the composition of eau de Cologne and of many women's and men's fragrances, with fresh, floral and aromatic facets unfolding and stretching all the way into the heart of the perfume.

Initially extracted from Tibetan musk deers, natural musk has been banned in perfumery since 1973. Synthetic molecules designed to replace it appeared at the end of the 19th century, so today there is a wide selection of musky notes with an olfactory palette ranging from fruity, to woody to animal facets. Musks are very persistent and relatively non-volatile base notes. They have been extensively used in detergents and fabric softeners, and are commonly referred to as white musks because they evoke the scent of soft, fluffy clean linen, and conjure up a feeling of tenderness and comfort suitable for all kinds of fragrances. With their inimitable mellowness highly appreciated by the general public, today musky notes are present in the vast majority of women's and men's perfumes.

This aromatic compound developed in the 1960s has become one of the most frequently used. When isolated, it evokes the floral and very fresh delicacy of jasmine, with a slight lemony facet, like a slice of lemon dipped in a glass. In its natural state, it comes into the composition of the scent of tea and jasmine, even if it is quite different, more airy, more luminous. In addition to this transparency and lightness, it binds other ingredients and adds freshness, volume and diffusion to a creation. Francis Kurkdjian refers to it as a breeze of petals."
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Aqua Media Cologne Fort EDP 35ml
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