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Sensai Highlighting Concealer Hc00 - 3.5ml

QAR 211.00

QAR 211.00
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SENSAI Highlighting Concealer HC00's light and silky texture imparts a natural brightness to the face while also covering and concealing blemishes. With a long-lasting and all-encompassing consistency, this concealer gives the skin a natural and polished glow. This is only possible because to the delightful combination of soft and luminous powder pigments and SENSAI's distinctive Koishimaru Silk, which feeds the skin from within. As a result, the overall complexion of the face feels fresher and lighter, with a wonderfully smooth finish for a long-lasting and seamless appearance. Naturally, such a refined and soft concealer is ideal for smoothing over and concealing any visible defect, including blemishes, discoloration, undesirable brown spots, and wrinkles. It will forever alter your perception of what a traditional concealer should be. With a nutritious recipe, simple application, and professional results, you won't want or need anything else.

  • Brand: Sensai
  • Coverage: medium
  • Finish: radian
  • Texture: liquid
  • Good for: covering and disguising imperfections in all skin types, adding a natural glow to the skin, smoothing the skin complexion
  • Longevity: long-lasting
  • Presentation: black tube with gold details built-in brush
How to use
Start by twisting SENSAI Highlighting Concealer HC00 Luminous Ivory dispenser in order to release the concealer. Then, using either the built-in brush or your own, apply it to the areas you wish to cover. Reapply it whenever necessary.

About Brand
Sensai is a luxury beauty brand that was founded in Japan by Kanebo Cosmetics. The brand focuses on the art of "Saho," a skincare ritual that incorporates traditional Japanese techniques and ingredients. Sensai's products are known for their high-quality, innovative formulas that promise to improve skin texture, tone, and overall health. The brand's signature ingredient is Koishimaru Silk, which is a rare silk protein that is said to have anti-aging properties. Sensai products are renowned for their luxurious packaging and sleek design, making them a coveted brand among skincare enthusiasts. The brand offers a range of skincare, makeup, and fragrance products that cater to various skin concerns and types, making it a comprehensive and sought-after beauty brand worldwide. 
Sensai Highlighting Concealer Hc00 - 3.5ml
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