The Harmonist Desired Earth EDP 50ml

The Harmonist
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QAR 990.00
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The Harmonist Desired Earth EDP 50ml is a captivating fragrance created by perfumer Guillaume Flavigny. Drawing inspiration from the musical genius of John Coltrane's Giant Steps, this scent exudes a sense of freedom and mysticism. Flavigny takes inspiration from the strength of the mountain and translates it into a powerful and harmonious fragrance. The top notes of Desired Earth are a blend of Elemi, Cade, and Immortal Flower. These notes add a spicy and earthy aroma to the fragrance, setting the tone for the rest of the scent. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes of Red Cedar, Myrrh, and Tolu Balsam come through, creating a warm and alluring scent. These heart notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance and evoke a feeling of being connected to the earth. Finally, the base notes of Vetiver, Iris, and Vanilla leave a lingering and sensual trail. The earthy freshness of Vetiver combined with the sweetness of Vanilla and the softness of Iris, creates a balanced and harmonious scent. The Harmonist Desired Earth EDP 50ml is a unique fragrance that captures the essence of the earth and all its raw beauty. It is a powerful scent that will transport you to a mystical and enchanting world, leaving you feeling connected to the earth and all its wonders.

  • Brand: The Harmonist
  • Size: 50ml
  • Product type: Eau de Parfum
  • TOP NOTES: Elemi, Cade, Immortal Flower
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Red Cedar, Myrrh, Tolu Balsam
  • BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Iris, Vanilla
About Brand
Merging the art of haute perfumerie with the tradition and philosophy of Feng Shui, Lola Tillyaeva (Till) launched The Harmonist in 2016 as an expression of a desire to render balance and harmony through the power of scent. Committed to a life-long quest to understand the mysteries and wonders animating life’s fundamental questions, Lola envisioned a unique fragrance house founded on the wisdom of Feng Shui, translating its principles into perfumery.  
The Harmonist Desired Earth EDP 50ml
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