In 1926, Marcel Bena transformed his apartment in East Paris into a workshop and began work as the sole trader and manufacturer of corsets with elastic tulle knitting. Partnering with Charles Fossez, an acclaimed French inventor of modern astrology, the two men began marketing and manufacturing shapewear and corsetry, selling their creations by mail order. Marcel Bena’s son took over the company in 1952, and successfully expanded the brand’s range and collections. Barbara continued to expand each year with success, and in 1981 were the first to use elastane fiber in their corsetry. Thanks to this comfortable elastic fabrication, the company gained worldwide recognition, making it the brand for effortless, beautiful lingerie even today. Innovative techniques and fabrication have continued to define the Barbara collections, each of which is designed in France. Each luxurious style is tried and tested, again and again, until the perfect fit is achieved. Many of the luxurious materials used are European: lace from Calais, embroideries from Switzerland, France and Italy. Each product is made with high attention to detail and impeccable quality. Comfort is fundamental, as the softness of the materials and the finishing touches are essential to the Barbara brand. Barbara believes that the lingerie we choose in the morning determines the woman we are going be all day. The brand does not just specialize in lingerie, but also in flattering necklines and a smooth, supported silhouette. Each Barbara collection is a source of well-being, because it makes women feel elegant, feminine, self-confident and above all, natural. Barbara, C’est Moi!