Ladia is a celebrated Italian fashion brand that has been born from the idea of its creator, Mrs. Ladia. The brand currently specializes in the production of clothes and accessories for children. Due to the enthusiasm and passion of its founder, the brand has grown into a milestone in the segment of kids’ fashion. Ladia is aimed at the higher level of the kids’ fashion market and offers three diverse collections of clothes known as Ladia, Ladia Chic and Cerimonia. They are specially designed for newborn babies, toddlers and older children. All clothes and accessories of the brand are entirely produced in Italy, where the whole production process takes place. You can find the products of the brand in the best globally known stores in Italy and across the world. The clothes and accessories are designed with love and passion for children in mind. The collections bristle with satin and silk dresses with floral embellishments and tulle skirts that look incredibly cute on little girls. The dresses produced by the brand have secure fastenings and zips that ensure maximum durability of clothing. Ladia remains a leader in the production of fashionable and dressy baby wear and children’s clothes for various occasions.