With more than 70 years of experience, the brand Marjolaine of Lyon offers a wide range of lingerie upscale thanks to its know-how in manufacturing. Marjolaine it’s a family affair, laces and tradition story, cuts and transmission, creation and expansion.From the small shop where the great grandfather began sewing up to the company that sells its products worldwide, Marjolaine has progressed in a wonderful way. Everything begins in Villeurbanne during the interwar, Marjolaine shop sells woollens, layettes, tapestries. But the after-war is difficult and Roger Millet Desdoitils, the great grandfather, decided to sew a collection and to explore around the region for selling its new products, a vintage lingerie. Marjolaine brand is born. From generation to generation, successive leaders are changing their catalog to suit of fashion. After Roger Millet Desdoitils, this is one of his three heiress, Nicole, who will continue the adventure Marjolaine then her daughter Carole will succeed her to take over the family business.