Maserati is an exclusive Italian car manufacturer which was established on December 1, 1914, in Bologna. The company history is related to the glorious feats of its founder Alfieri Maserati and his brothers. Their passion and talent contributed to build the company DNA: innovation, excellence and challenge. The racing success achieved during this long centennial are part of the legend and their protagonists wrote many memorable pages in the history of the marque. Since the first victory of the Targa Florio competition in 1926, where the Maserati Trident debuted as the official badge, cars like the Tipo 26, V4, 8C became more and more famous. By the outbreak of the Second World War Maserati had left Bologna for Modena. Under Orsi’s leadership the Maserati factory opened in viale Ciro Menotti, an address destined to become synonymous with the world of automobiles. The company’s success in racing continued and in 1954 the Fangio era began. This was during a time of economic boom and the attention to the market became increasingly more important and the production of the exclusive 3500GT demonstrated this. All the products that followed were characterized by the finest Italian quality, style and the attention to the performance: cars like the Bora, Mistral, Ghibli, Khamsin, Karif and Shamal were as fast as the wind, but they were also elegant like the Quattroporte and powerful like the Biturbo. It was the end of the nineties when a big revolution started in viale Ciro Menotti: thanks to the collaboration with Giugiaro the new 3200 GT was born and Maserati returned to the United States market. The innovation never ended as in 2003 another great designer, Pininfarina, created the new Quattroporte chosen by the Italian President, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, as the official state car. In 2004 Maserati returned to present an extraordinary race car: the MC12. Following the Quattroporte, Pininfarina designed a new coupé which had a deep impact on the history of Maserati: it was 2007 when the new, incredibly beautiful, GranTurismo was made. Two years later it was the turn of the convertible version, the GranCabrio, judged as one of the best-looking four-seat convertibles in the world. Now Maserati hits another turning point, in the name of a perfect combination of design, performance and comfort, two new and exclusive products are writing a successful page in the history of the brand: the new Quattroporte and Ghibli are leading Maserati once again into the elite of car manufacturers.