Pale Style

The artisans of PALESTYLE are unlike any other: They’re refugee women whose intricate handmade embroidery has journeyed from impoverished camps in the Middle East to Italian workshops where the brand’s luxury handbags are crafted. From there, the bags travel to high-end department stores like House of Fraser and Bloomingdales as well as the closets of celebrities including Eva Longoria. Its genuine leather handbags are adorned with embroidery and gold-plated Arabic calligraphy containing messages of femininity and strength. Founded in 2009 by Zeina Abou Chaaban after her inspirational visit to refugee camps in Lebanon, PALESTYLE is a Dubai-based luxury brand with a social edge. In 2011, Ahmed joined as partner and creative director, helping take the brand to new heights. To add to this journey of success, PALESTYLE is expanding its collection this year with a Home line, and a vision of launching a shoe line in 2018 followed by a men’s in 2019.