Perfume de Nicholai

Patricia de Nicolaï is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a perfumer whose scent creations are loved by many people all over the world, she is also the founder and owner of Parfums de Nicolaï, a highly acclaimed niche fragrance brand, and the current president of the Osmothèque, the perfume museum in Versailles in France. She is a perfume artist. successful businesswoman on a busy schedule and her creative head is always full of ideas. Despite her immense workload she makes time for composing new perfumes whenever she feels the urge to give life to a fragrant vision.

The first fragrance that was presented under the brand name of Parfums de Nicolaï was Number One. And it was this delicate and harmonious white floral perfume that she was awarded the International Prize for Young Perfumers for by the French Society of Perfumers in 1988. Patricia was the first female perfumer to be honoured with this award.