A production of excellence that has roots in the history of products processed with great care and attention, and in the memory of the great manufacturing companies that have made Italy great in the world. The chosen yarns of cotton and wool have always been used at the base of the processes, from Australian merino wool, to precious cashmere, from refined Egyptian cotton to fine linen, selected and imported from the countries of origin, following production processes with high quality standards. An integrated process, from the thread to the finished garment, completely Italian: spinning, weaving, finishing, packaging and quality control all over the Italian territory and with the utmost respect for the environment. The careful processing of fine wool and cashmere allows you to create refined blankets and plaids, in different weights for the winter and spring season, workmanship, patterns and colors. The same love and attention dedicated to the world of the bed with sheets, quilt covers, quilts, bedspreads quilted and not, in precious satin and percale and that of the bathroom with sponges, bathrobes and rugs in soft sponge and honeycomb to dress even the bath salt. In all its collections, Somma expresses the concept of “quiet luxury”, a whispered elegance that has its strong point in a unique and excellent production.