It’s all about knowing where to stop“ – going too far can be as bad as not going far enough. it turns out that this is not only good advice when designing, but has become our life philosophy. The best way to describe the customer is to describe the collection. talbot runhof is known for its subtle elegance. with almost every piece, the most astonishing detail is usually one that you find after a second glance. it’s not obvious, but once you find it, you are all the more impressed by the overall beauty. our customer is the same. Talbot Runhof / Johnny Talbot & Adrian Runhof Adrian Runhof, born 1963 in mainz, germany, studied business administration after growing up in a family of fashion producers and retailers and worked ever since in the fashion business. Talbot and runhof met in 1991 in munich. discovering their mutual passion for fashion they decided to join forces and began designing collections together. in the year 2000 the label talbot runhof was launched. Talbot Runhof – Company beside their own 3.500 square foot boutique in the heart of munich, talbot runhof can be found in the best boutiques all over the world, including leading american department stores bergdorf goodman, neiman marcus and saks fifth avenue. talbot runhof, renowned for their unusual workmanship fusing exquisite couture techniques with unparalleled simplicity in cut and form, is produced exclusively in germany in their own workshops. In 2005, talbot runhof was awarded the german fashion award. since 2006, talbot runhof is showing regularly in paris during paris fashion week.