Tailoring Tramarossa today wants to be above all an idea of excellence in the niche of denim trousers for men and women. For each raw material and process used in production, the company has established a mission to find the highest quality. The product that follows is precio us and unusual, dedicated to a consumer is not superficial, but attentive and eager to appreciate the peculiarities, although thin, a unique product and cultured. The brand is characterized by a traditional tailoring combined with contemporary fit, precious fabrics, often with selvedges, with details andaccessories of high quality.

Everything is projected into a product that tends to give the most value to the classic “blue jeans.” The collection features a wide range of fabrics selected from the best Japa nese manufacturers of denim (Tezukury, Kurabo, Amhot, Denim Area). The ultimate goal is to bring the product to the consumer a choice of new and refined quality. Tailoring Tramarossa is the only denim signed with the initials of the wearer.