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Seletti Porcelain Teapot Meltdown 18.5x23x20 Cm

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QAR 775.00
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The Seletti Porcelain Teapot Meltdown is a unique and quirky addition to any home. As part of the Meltdown collection, this teapot is inspired by the juxtaposition of two British cultural institutions: raves and tea time. The rave culture, known for its wild and free-spirited parties, is represented through the teapot's bold and colorful design. On the other hand, the traditional culture of drinking tea is represented by the classic teapot shape. Designed by Jordanluca and made from fine porcelain, this teapot is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its sturdy material allows for easy pouring and cleaning, making it a practical addition to any tea lover's collection. The Meltdown collection, and specifically the Porcelain Teapot, is a playful and creative representation of the rich and diverse culture in the UK. Whether you're celebrating, mourning or just going through a rough patch, this teapot is the perfect companion for a cup of tea, providing some much-needed comfort and a nod to British traditions.

  • Brand: Seletti
  • Size: 18.5x23x20 Cm
  • Unique and quirky addition to any home
  • Part of the Meltdown collection
  • Inspired by the juxtaposition of rave culture and tea time
  • Bold and colorful design
  • Made from fine porcelain
  • Sturdy and easy to clean
  • Combines functionality with aesthetics
  • Perfect for celebrating, mourning, or moments of comfort
  • A nod to British traditions with a playful twist
About Brand
Seletti is an Italian design company known for its innovative and unconventional products that combine art and everyday objects. It was founded in 1964 by Romano and Maria Seletti, and over the years has collaborated with renowned designers such as Studio Job and Diesel Living. The brand's products range from furniture and lighting to tableware and home accessories, all featuring a unique and quirky style that challenges traditional design norms. Seletti's aim is to create a fusion of functionality and art, bringing a sense of fun and playfulness into people's homes. With its bold and cheeky designs, Seletti has gained a cult following worldwide and remains a leading name in the world of contemporary design.
Seletti Porcelain Teapot Meltdown 18.5x23x20 Cm
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