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Marvis Toothbrush

QAR 25.00

QAR 25.00
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Marvis Toothbrush is designed to help improve your oral health in an effortlessly stylish manner. It features a two-toned, minimalist design with soft, nylon bristles that provide gentle yet effective cleaning on the gums and along the tooth line. The bristles are able to reach deep into small spaces for a thorough cleaning and removal of plaque and tartar. Its handle is made of white acrylic, which makes the toothbrush lightweight and easy to control. The handle is also durable enough to handle everyday use and regular travel, and comes with its own head cap to keep it safe while away from home. Marvis Toothbrush is the perfect tool for anyone who wants a simple, stylish brush that can reduce plaque and promote healthy gums.

  • Brand: Marvis
  • Size: 85ml
  • Marvis Toothbrush is designed to improve oral hygiene.
  • Features 2-toned, minimalist design & soft nylon bristles.
  • Bristles reach deep between teeth and remove plaque & tartar.
  • Handle made of white acrylic, light & easy to control.
  • Durable & comes w/ its own head cap for travel.
  • Reduces plaque & promotes healthy gums.
About Brand
Marvis is a brand of premium toothpastes founded in Italy in 1950. Marvis specializes in creating unique toothpaste formulas inspired by classic Italian culture and flavors, made from natural ingredients to give consumers long lasting fresh breath. Marvis is also known for its unique packaging, which includes vintage apothecary designs and colorful illustrations. All Marvis products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.
Marvis Toothbrush
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